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Business Units

BWXT Government Operations

BWXT Nuclear Operations Group (NOG)
BWXT Nuclear Operations Group (NOG) manufactures naval nuclear reactors for the Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, for use in submarines and aircraft carriers.
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BWXT Technical Services Group (TSG)
BWXT Technical Services Group (TSG) provides management, operational, environmental and technical services for U.S. government facilities and private industry.
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BWXT Advanced Technologies LLC
BWXT Advanced Technologies LLC supports the company’s research and development interests in applications for nuclear technologies.
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BWXT Commercial Operations

BWXT Canada Ltd.
BWXT Canada Ltd. supplies the nuclear industry with the fuel, equipment, components, engineering and field services necessary for the successful operation of CANDU® reactors.
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BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Inc. (NEC)
BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Inc. (NEC) supplies nuclear fuel and fuel channel components, services, equipment and parts for the Canadian Deuterium Uranium (CANDU®) nuclear power industry.
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BWXT Precision Manufacturing Inc.
BWXT Precision Manufacturing Inc. supplies nuclear-grade materials and precision machined components for CANDU® nuclear power utilities around the globe.
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Intech International Inc.
Intech International Inc. supplies specialized non-destructive examination (NDE), maintenance and staff augmentation services, and provides advanced and conventional NDE and related solutions to a variety of high hazard and heavily regulated industries.
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BWXT Medical Ltd.
BWXT Medical is a trusted source for the development and manufacturer of nuclear medicine for biotechnology, life sciences, pharmaceutical companies and academia partners.
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