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Since 2004, BWXT has successfully performed UT inspections on steam generators and preheater heat exchangers.  

UT Inspections allow for more accurate depth sizing and better flaw discrimination. With such information, we are able to create an accurate history of each tube inspected, anticipate the life expectancy of individual tubes, and monitor discontinuity growth rates such as pitting, fretting and corrosion wall loss.

This information also allows system engineers to foresee aggressive pitting, fretting, and corrosion at an earlier stage.

We can, additionally, use this info to characterize Eddy Current Inspection findings and concur thru-wall percentages, as codes allow.

Ultrasonic probes are driven into individual heat exchanger tubes at predetermined locations by external motor control and are then rotated 360 degrees to capture 100 percent of a tube’s wall conditions. All operations are carried out remotely by Acquisition operators. The data is then transferred to Analysis Technicians, where the final results are analyzed, tabulated, and forwarded to the responsible system engineers for final disposition.

This Ultrasonic Tube Inspection has proven inspection capabilities; using this technique, we can find minute indications that cannot be detected by other inspection techniques. With these capabilities, we are able to prevent the release of contaminants and radioactivity into the environment and help ensure components’ operating cycles are maintained.