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Nuclear Medicine

The need for medical isotopes used in modern diagnostic imaging is ever increasing. And, concerns about an adequate supply to diagnose heart disease and cancer, and to perform other important medical applications are compelling.

BWXT Medical Ltd. (BWXT) seeks to meet the demand for critical diagnostic imaging radionuclides, combining our innovative resources with strategic relationships.

Our entrance into the radiopharmaceutical industry began with the announcement of our patent-pending technology for producing molybdenum-99. To better support this technology, we acquired Sotera Health’s Nordion medical isotope business – a leading global manufacturer and supplier of critical medical isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals for research, diagnostic and therapeutic uses.

This strategic acquisition added 40 years of industry experience and a world-class product line to our existing capabilities and intellectual property. With BWXT at the forefront of medical isotope and radiopharmaceutical production, the high-level service and commitment previously provided to our customer base remains the same.

As we progress toward developing and commercializing new products, we invite you to learn more about our breakthrough medical isotope technology and current product lines:

Application Indication







Indium-111 Oxyquinoline
Indium-111 Chloride
Iodine-123 (Solution)
Iodine-123 (Dry)
Strontium-82 / Rubidium-82

Contact Information

Customer Service
North America: 1.800.267.6211 (job seekers please visit our careers website)
International: 1.613.592.3400 x1209
Email: isotopeorders@bwxt.com 
General Emergencies: 1.613.592.2790
Transportation and Shipping Emergencies: 1.613.592.9375
General email inquiry: Sue Langille
For sales inquiries, please contact our Head of Commercial & Business Development Richard Caligaris.