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    BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada (BWXT) has over 50 years’ experience in the design and manufacture of sophisticated nuclear power station equipment, including fuel handling equipment, on-reactor/in-reactor tooling, and refurbishment/maintenance tooling.

    The control systems and instrumentation involved within Fuel Handling Systems and other parts of the plant are often complex and specialized areas. BWXT I&C Engineering have the expert knowledge, legacy information and skill set to support our customers with engineering design, troubleshooting, maintenance and support work.

    We use such tools as AutoCAD®, AutoCAD Electrical® and IntEC® to create concept drawings, detailed designs, elementaries, BOMs, wiring diagrams and can also provide design replacement solutions for obsolete components such as relays, motors and circuit cards.
    Our scalable approach allows focus on small jobs through to larger multi-disciplinary projects. As demonstrated by our previous successes, our goal is to deliver quality, on-budget and on-time solutions.

    Through many years of experience completing modification packages, BWXT I&C Engineering fully understands the requirements of the engineering change control process, including the preparation of change papers and closeout packages.

    Put the experience of BWXT I&C Engineering to work for you. Whether you have a large, multi-year project in mind or you require resources to augment your staff. BWXT I&C Engineering can provide a customized solution to meet your requirements.

    Services Offered/Knowledge Areas

    • Design engineering, prototyping, testing, commissioning, installation, support and training
    • Temporary/Permanent Modifications, close-outs
    • Reactor tooling design/control systems
    • Fuel Handling control systems: hardware, design, replacement, obsolesce, upgrades
    • Fuel Handling Controller OPDATA; creation, review, verification on simulator and training
    • PDP-8, PDP-11 Computers, ACE, Multiplexers, Control Consoles
    • Aging & Obsolescence, Assessments, Item Equivalency, Commercial Grade Dedication
    • Drawing and document creation and revision
    • IntEC® wiring changes: review & concurrence
    • Troubleshooting, maintenance, support and training
    • Instrumentation
    • Power distribution systems/carts
    • Electronic circuit design & repair

    Projects & Jobs

    • Defuelling & Refurbishment
    • Reactor inspection tooling
    • Fuel Handling protective computer replacement
    • Legacy inverter replacement
    • Reactor Area Bridge independent control
    • Retube tooling
    • Trolley Rehab
    • Delayed Neutron (DN) Monitoring System
    • Drawdown & Site-support contracts