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BWX Technologies, Inc. (BWXT) is well-positioned to manufacture current commercial and non-commercial designs for spent fuel dry storage containers on a build-to-print basis.

By working directly with designers, we establish cost-effective manufacturing plans that meet our customers’ exact requirements.

Our custom-designed spent fuel container manufacturing shop cell allows us to meet even the tightest scheduling challenges. We have extensive experience manufacturing quality nuclear components as well as spent fuel storage containers for both utilities and the U.S. government.

Spent Fuel Container


Spent fuel containers are part of a system of containers used to store and ship spent nuclear fuel.

These containers are designed to safely store bundles of spent fuel at plant sites, and some designs allow transport to long-term storage sites.

The design of the canisters and internal structures serves as the containment boundary to confine radioactive spent fuel and provide a leak-tight, inert atmosphere to maintain the integrity of the fuel cladding.

Over the years, BWXT has established a worldwide reputation within the nuclear industry thanks to our proven manufacturing, engineering, and project management expertise. 

In-house Capabilities:

  • Complete fabrication
  • Concrete batch plant
  • Shot blast and paint booth
  • Robotic welding capability
  • Welders qualified to meet rigorous internal nuclear quality standards,
    in addition to ASME, Section IX
  • Nondestructive testing and inspection
  • Worldwide procurement
  • Transportation
  • Welding development facility