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    BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Inc. (BWXT) understands that accurate, easy-to-use documentation is crucial for the efficient and cost-effective maintenance and overhaul of nuclear power station equipment.

    Working from design specifications, mechanical drawings and electrical schematics, our experienced team of technical writers and illustrators can produce detailed overhaul and maintenance procedures that are an essential tool for front-line maintenance personnel.

    With ready access to BWXT’s team of highly experienced engineers for clarification and verification purposes, our technical writers can ensure that the procedures are accurate and fit-for-purpose.

    Clear, concise, step-by-step instructions are complemented by detailed exploded view illustrations. Checkboxes and sign-off boxes are provided throughout the procedures to enable users to track progress, and to provide a maintenance record that all steps have been completed.

    Using the latest desktop publishing software, the procedures are expertly presented for ease of understanding and use.

    The procedures can be delivered as professionally printed and bound manuals, or as an interactive electronic technical manual (IETM) that is accessible from any digital device - desktop computer, laptop, or mobile device.

    Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)

    IETMs can take many forms, from a simple page turner to a fully hypertext-linked interactive suite of documentation.

    The advantages of an IETM are:

    • Reduced maintenance time due to ease of navigation through the documentation (hypertext links, advanced search tools)
    • Greater functionality (prompts to record critical dimensions, calculation tools, mark-up capability)
    • Improved spares and consumables handling (automatic generation of parts used reports)
    • Enhanced maintenance scheduling (automatic generation of task status reports)
    • Reduced storage requirements (one tablet or CD instead of several feet of bookshelf space)
    • Reduced document maintenance (updates quickly and easily delivered and incorporated)
    • Reduced cost in labour and materials (no printing, reduction in shipping and distribution)
    • Embedded multimedia training aids (video clips, animations)

    BWXT has the experience and expertise to deliver an IETM designed to meet your specific requirements.


    Regular updates to the procedures can be provided, based on design changes and upgrades, lessons learned from field experience, etc.

    With an IETM, these updates can be transmitted electronically, ensuring your staff have immediate access to the most current information (no more waiting for new pages to be filed in the printed manuals).