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BWXT Precision Manufacturing Inc. (BWXT Precision Manufacturing) is a leading supplier of nuclear-grade materials and precision-machined components for CANDU® nuclear power utilities around the globe.

Acquired in 2020, the organization is a subsidiary of BWXT Canada Ltd. (BWXT Canada). Based in Oakville, Ontario, BWXT Precision Manufacturing employs approximately 130 employees; among these are manufacturing engineers and skilled trades personnel who specialize in the manufacture of complex components through the use of leading-edge equipment. 

BWXT Precision Manufacturing is an industry leader in providing accredited Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) components. CGD is an acceptance process, performed in accordance with NQA-1, 10CFR50 Appendix B and CSA N299.1, to provide reasonable assurance that a commercial-grade item or service will perform its intended safety function.

We provide the following for the CANDU® industry:

Fuel Channel End Fitting Body (or End Fitting): The end-fitting body connects the inner reactor core tubing (pressure tubes) to the heat transport system (feeder pipes). It also provides a connection for the fueling machine to load and remove fuel bundles. This Class 1 pressure boundary component is made from a modified AISI type-403 stainless steel and forged with highly complex machining and fabrication.

Fuel Channel Liner Tube Assembly (or Liner): The liner tube assembly makes up part of the complete end-fitting assembly. Its role is to direct heat transport fluid flow within the end-fitting assembly and provide a bore via which the fueling machine can place fuel bundles into and out of the inner reactor core. It is made of type-410 stainless steel seamless tubing and is challenging to manufacture due to its thin walls and tight drawing tolerances.

Heat Transport Feeder Pipe (or Feeders): The feeder pipe assemblies make up part of the heat transport system and connect each fuel channel assembly to the heat transport headers. The feeders carry the high-pressure, high-temperature heavy water in a continuous loop from the inner reactor core to the headers. BWXT Precision Manufacturing has been the primary supplier of feeder pipe material to the global CANDU® market since 2006. Feeder pipe is made of seamless carbon steel, SA-106 grade B and adheres to additional mechanical property and cleanliness requirements to ensure exceptional forming, welding, and service performance.

Reactivity Adjustment and Shut-off Drive Mechanisms (or Shut-off Drives or Adjuster Drives or Reactivity Drive Mechanisms):The reactivity adjuster and shut-off drive mechanisms form part of the reactor control systems and are critical components for the safe operation and shutdown of a CANDU® reactor. The reactivity adjuster drive mechanism forms part of the mechanical rod control absorber system and the shut-off drive mechanism forms part of the mechanical rod shut-off absorber system. BWXT Precision Manufacturing has been the exclusive supplier of these assemblies since 2014.

Fuel Channel Shield Plug Assembly (or Shield Plug):The shield plug assembly sits within the end-fitting liner tube assembly. Its primary role is to provide radiation shielding and axial support for the fuel bundles while also offering streamlined heat transport coolant flow. These assemblies are removed and reinstalled by the fueling machine during refueling operations. They are composed of multiple, tight-tolerance components that are assembled, welded and function-tested by our engineering team.