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Our Compliance Record

For more than 50 years our facilities have operated in an extremely safe manner and the health and safety of our workers, members of the public and the environment is our number one priority. 

We are subject to inspection by numerous regulatory agencies from the federal, provincial and local government, including:

  1. The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)
  2. Ministry of Environment
  3. International Atomic Energy Agency
  4. Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (Labour) 

We monitor air and water emissions at our Peterborough and Toronto sites. Test results show that both our Toronto and Peterborough facilities are very low emission plants with respect to uranium emissions, and in all cases we are well-below regulatory requirements. You can view our latest results here

In Toronto, we also conduct annual soil tests at 49 locations both onsite and in the surrounding community, to ensure we meet or exceed regulatory environmental safety standards. You can view our latest results here. All soil sample results conducted in 2017 on residential areas were within Canadian background levels of uranium found in the earth’s crust (1 ppm to 4 ppm). 

The uranium soil content measured in all other areas was below federal soil criteria for industrial/commercial lands (33 parts per million or ppm). To put that in context, one part per million is the same as one drop of a substance in a million drops, in other words one drop in 50 litres of water. 

Our environmental and safety performance data is available here.


At BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Inc., we submit an Annual Compliance Report to the CNSC. Detailed performance information is available in this Annual Compliance Report, which demonstrates that BWXT has successfully met the requirements of the Nuclear Safety and Control Act.