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Emergency Response

Both our Toronto and Peterborough facilities perform emergency response drills on a quarterly basis. We also schedule extra drills with outside emergency services and provide them training about our facilities. This ensures that any response to an emergency event will be a coordinated one.

In the unlikely event there is an emergency, BWXT has a comprehensive emergency response plan for each site which is continually updated and shared with local fire and other public health emergency services. Like all industrial businesses, each BWXT facility has established emergency prevention programs to minimize the risk of fires and other hazardous events, as well as robust response plans that prescribe the actions to be taken to prevent or minimize potential health and environmental hazards.

Our site response plans provide guidelines for emergency staff and plant personnel for using sound emergency management practices to fulfill both CNSC operating license requirements and industry standards for Emergency Planning.

We also undertake annual exercises to ensure that our teams know exactly what to do, to safeguard public health and the environment in the plant and the surrounding community.

Update: we are currently revising our emergency response plan for the Peterborough facility. Throughout the summer of 2020, we will be conducting drills to assess the effectiveness of the plan. Click here for more information.

Update 2: on September 30th, BWXT NEC will participate in a scheduled full-scale exercise at the 1160 Monaghan Road facility which will be witnessed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC). Click here for more information.

For information on any emergency situation, call 1-855-696-9588.

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