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Public Disclosure Protocol

BWXT NEC has a Public Disclosure Protocol. This protocol's objectives are to provide information on licensed activities to persons living near a relevant site, foster public awareness and provide a forum for community members to discuss issues and concerns related to the licensed facilities. 

The Public Disclosure Protocol describes how BWXT NEC communicates with its target audience. Based on this protocol, BWXT NEC commits to:

  • Maintaining two-way communication channels with the target audience to better understand and address comments, questions and concerns;
  • Providing reporting on its website within 48 hours of unusual operational events that have the potential for offsite consequences or which many be of interest to the target audience;
  • Providing timely reporting via its website on environmental events that trigger notification of the CNSC under Section 29 of the General Nuclear Safety and Control Regulations;
  • Providing information to the target audience through BWXT NEC’s website and/or other Public Information Program activities about significant operational changes or expansions that require an environmental assessment or amendments to our facility licence;
  • Posting environmental monitoring results (relevant sections of Annual Compliance Reports) on its website;
  • Consulting with stakeholders to determine the type of information, and method for information sharing regarding this Public Disclosure Protocol;
  • Posting this Public Disclosure Protocol on the BWXT NEC website.

General Public Disclosures

Public Disclosures - Toronto Pellet Operations

Public Disclosures - Peterborough Operations (Fuel & Services)

The Public Disclosure Protocol is also available as a PDF by clicking the image above.