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  • Fuel Bundle Production


Fuel Bundle Assembly

At BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada (BWXT NEC) in Peterborough, we assemble CANDU® fuel bundles for CANDU® reactors.

Natural uranium pellets are produced at our Toronto facility and zirconium-alloy tubes are manufactured at our Arnprior facility. These components are then shipped to our Peterborough operation, where they are assembled into fuel bundles that meet the stringent requirements of reactor operating conditions. 

Our Peterborough facility (along with our Toronto facility) is licensed by Canada’s nuclear regulator, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. BWXT NEC is committed to meeting all of its licence requirements. 

More information on our environmental and safety performance can be found in our Annual Compliance Report, which is available here.

Fuel Handling and Engineered Solutions

BWXT NEC’s fuel handling and reactor inspection and maintenance tooling and delivery systems are also designed and manufactured in Peterborough. These highly-engineered systems and tools support refurbishment requirements for reactor defuelling, fuel channel inspection and maintenance, in addition to other reactor operating needs.

Our People

Approximately 400 people work for BWXT NEC in Peterborough in high-tech, manufacturing and administrative positions. About 180 of these employees are engineers in disciplines such as software development, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and systems engineering.