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BWXT Advanced Nuclear Reactor (BANR)

The BANR project is developing a modular, factory-fabricated system that is small and light enough to be transported via rail, ship or truck and that can deliver 50 MW of thermal nuclear reactor power. It employs mature and manufacturable high-temperature gas reactor (HTGR) technology with inherent safety features and a high working fluid temperature. It provides flexible options for energy output - including electricity, steam for process heat, or both in a mode called “cogeneration” - while minimizing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Features & Highlights

The BWXT Advanced Technologies LLC (BWXT AT) Advanced Nuclear Reactor (BANR) Risk Reduction project enhances the commercial viability of a mature design.

  • Higher power density fuel for increased power output and core life
  • Reduced manufacturing, operating, and maintenance costs
  • Enables autonomous operation and reduced staffing

Reactor Bunker

Features of the BWXT AT Baseline Design

    • Safety – reactor designed with inherent, time-tested safety protocols and features
    • Technology – uses HTGR technology, with 60+ year proven track record
    • Scalability – transportable, modular solution designed to meet site-specific energy needs
    • Partnership – designed and constructed by BWXT AT using existing facilities
    • Lifecycle – high-power density fuel fabricated by BWXT AT extends refueling to five years, up from the industry average of two years
    • Reduced infrastructure – modular refueling eliminates the need for elaborate nuclear fuel handling facilities and large storage pools
    • Transportability – meets standard shipping requirements for rail, trucks, and ships
    • Cogeneration capabilities – flexible power conversion can provide process heat, electric power, or both
    • Compatibility – connects to existing, on-site energy distribution systems
    • Licensing – BWXT AT’s existing Category 1 licenses allow for expedited licensing in the U.S.

    The Advanced Technologies BANR design is part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP), which falls under the Risk Reduction pathway. The primary objective of our program is to demonstrate the commercial viability of this small, versatile, advanced nuclear demonstration reactor by optimizing our existing high technology readiness level.

    Mobile Microreactor

    BWXT AT is meeting the need for transportable power production to address the needs of governments, remote communities and critical infrastructure. BWXT AT is developing a mobile microreactor power generation system that can meet these potential use cases and are designed to reduce the need for vulnerable fossil fuel deliveries relied on by the U.S. military, and also to provide power for disaster response and recovery, power generation in remote areas and deep decarbonization efforts.