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Germanium-68 Chloride Radiochemical Solution

Half-Life: 270.95 days

Germanium-68 (Ge-68) is used in a range of diagnostic applications, including for the production of Germanium-68/Gallium-68 (Ge-68/Ga-68) generators to extract the radioisotope Ga-68. Specific disease-targeting molecules radiolabeled with Ga-68 can provide diagnostic images using positron emission tomography (PET), and when combined with a therapeutic agent, can enable targeted treatment planning. Additional applications include the production of calibration sources for radiometric equipment and PET scanners.

Novel Distillation Process Providing High Quality and High Purity Product

We offer:

  • A process for high-purity Ge-68 that can be supplied with high specific activity
  • State-of-the-art facilities with robust supply capability
  • Custom dispensing
  • Technical experts that will work collaboratively with you to optimize use of this product with your processes and applications

How to Order

For existing customers - to place an order please contact our Customer Service Team at isotopeorders@bwxt.com or call 1.800.267.6211 (North America) or 1.613.963.2621 (International).

For new sales inquiries please contact our Commercial Operations Manager, Mandy van Vliet.