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Steam Generators

Steam Generators

BWXT has been a leader in the nuclear steam generator market for more than 50 years.

With continuous heavy nuclear component production since the 1960s, we have supplied more than 300 nuclear steam generators and in 2002 provided the first six replacement once through steam generators (ROTGs) ordered in the US. In fact, our steam generators drive the electrical turbines in every nuclear power plant in Canada and many more worldwide. Our Cambridge, Ontario facility houses the world’s largest nuclear clean room for nuclear component assembly. Powerful design, proven performance Our proven steam generator design boasts the lowest combined tube failure rate, the most optimum circulation rate and the best operating record in the industry.

Put simply, BWXT steam generators are some of the most reliable in the world.

There are two fundamental steam generator designs used in commercial power systems in North America; once-through steam generators (OTSG), and recirculating steam generators (RSG).