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    Radioactive Materials Handling

    BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada (BWXT) has designed and supplied much of the specialized reactor inspection & maintenance tooling and delivery systems in use throughout the CANDU® industry. BWXT is aware of the challenges involved in servicing these tools at operating nuclear power sites.

    To support the industry by adding value to projects that involve reactor tooling, BWXT has established a multi-purpose RRF within our manufacturing shop in Peterborough, ON. The RRF has been designed to meet the requirements of our existing Class 1B license while providing state-of-the-art shop space with flexibility to accommodate a wide variety of tooling types and radiological conditions.


    The RRF has a number of attributes that make it a safe and user-friendly workspace for low-level radiological work.

    • 2400 sq. ft. (225 m2) of highly configurable shop space in the main work area
    • A large 800 sq. ft. (75 m2) equipment airlock, able to accept up to a standard 20 ft. ISO sea-land container
    • A full suite of radiation monitors
    • A 6500 CFM air handling unit to maintain negative pressure and two fume hoods for working on items with loose contamination connected to a multi-stage HEPA filtered air exhaust
    • High resolution video cameras and communications to allow remote inspection and participation
    • Resident welding and machining capabilities within the RRF, with extensive capabilities in the GEH-C main shop for parts that can be conditionally released
    • 14 ft. (4.3 m) ceiling clearance, with a resident gantry crane for heavy items


    BWXT has a mature Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) program and trained staff to support health physics and radiation protection. The RRF was designed to accept items with:

    • Surveys up to 2.5 mRem/hr (0.025 mSv/hr) energy weighted average at contact routinely
    • Surveys up to 2.5 mRem/hr (0.025 mSv/hr) at 100 cm pending a radiological safety review
    • While there is significant flexibility for radiological acceptance, some other restrictions may apply.


    In addition to the RRF, BWXT has a significant amount of licensed footprint with secured access at our shop facilities for the safe interim storage of radiological items in appropriate packages.


    Flexible work areas provide an ideal workspace for any sized job. Nuclear utilities around the world have benefited from off-site equipment servicing. BWXT will refurbish and maintain your reactor maintenance tools while you focus on producing power.

    *CANDU® is a trademark of Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd.