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CNSC Licence Application


In 2018, BWXT Medical Ltd. (BWXT) announced its patent-pending innovative technology to produce molybdenum-99 (Mo-99), the parent isotope of technetium-99m (Tc-99m), which is used globally in more than 40 million diagnostic medical procedures each year.  To support this technology, BWXT acquired Sotera Health’s Nordion medical isotope business in July 2018, which is now BWXT Medical Ltd. 

Since the acquisition, BWXT Medical employees have been conducting licensed activities in the existing medical isotope facility under Nordion’s management and oversight, and under Nordion's Class IB Licence, and will continue to do so as we seek our own licence.  

In the future, BWXT Medical expects to hold its own licence to undertake the Medical Isotopes business within the medical isotopes portion of the facility. These activities are independent of and will not duplicate those activities related to Nordion’s Gamma Sterilization business. To support this endeavor, BWXT Medical submitted an application on December 17, 2018 to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) to request issuance of its own Class IB Licence. 

Upon receipt of its operating licence, BWXT Medical will continue to produce the same types of products in the same facility and looks forward to expanding its product portfolio to uphold its vision of providing health and hope for patients around the world. 

Since the acquisition, we have increased our workforce by hiring more than 90 new employees in addition to 118 former Nordion employees. We continue to add more local skilled jobs as we develop new and innovative products for the medical industry. Our continued growth is backed by our parent company and we see a long future in the Kanata community.   

Contact us at isotopequestions@bwxt.com or 1.833.657.4565 if you have questions, comments or concerns.