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Featured: BRIMS II

Brims II
In 2017, BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Inc. (BWXT NEC) shipped the Bruce Reactor Inspection Maintenance System – the second of its kind – to Bruce Power. Known as BRIMS II, this highly engineered reactor inspection delivery tool system is a point of pride for BWXT. 

BRIMS II, like its predecessor BRIMS, is a remote-controlled machine, about the size of a small car, featuring an assortment of interchangeable mechanisms used to deliver critical inspection and maintenance tools to the nuclear reactor fuel channels. The benefits of the machine include a significant reduction in radiation dose to workers and a significant reduction in setup and teardown compared to previous delivery systems. 

Bruce Power's BRIMS I Overview Video

“This system improves worker safety and saves time, ensuring we continue to provide a source of low-cost power to Ontario families and businesses.”

- Len Clewett, Executive Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer, Bruce Power

BRIMS II work cell“The BRIMS tool is an innovative machine that allows for safer and more productive execution of inspection and maintenance work of fuel channels and was the outcome of years of Bruce Power’s operating experience and lessons learned,” said Len Clewett, Executive Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer, Bruce Power.“ This system improves worker safety and saves time, ensuring we continue to provide a source of low-cost power to Ontario families and businesses.” 

BWXT NEC was awarded the contract for BRIMS II in March 2016 and the project was completed safely in 51 weeks and required about 21,000 hours of BWXT labour at its Peterborough facility. The multi-disciplined project team included project management and manufacturing specialists in areas such as machining and welding along with software,
mechanical, electrical and systems engineers.
An additional 12,000 hours of work was completed by Canadian sub-contractors. 

BRIMS II TeamBWXT Nuclear Energy Canada Employees Prior to Shipping BRIMS II

“We are an industry leader in reactor channel inspection delivery systems to the CANDU® industry because of our comprehensive capabilities, expertise and 60 years of experience,” said Dave LeFrancios, Director, Fuel Handling & Engineered Solutions. “Bringing innovative concepts like BRIMS to life is something we take great pride in and is a testament to the talent of BWXT employees.” 

BWXT NEC is the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of the BRIMS delivery machine, and in collaboration with a consortium of companies designed and built the first BRIMS, a first-of-its-kind inspection and maintenance tool delivery system for CANDU® reactors. The first BRIMS was delivered to Bruce Power in mid-2015.