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Work Task Planning and Scheduling

Work Task Planning and Scheduling

Valve work task planning employs a two-phase streamlined approach based on industry best practices. We are committed to offering the client a more cost effective way to plan and complete projects on time and on budget.


Our field condition and equipment evaluation will set the field team up for success by putting the right documents and parts in their hands; greatly reducing the chance of costly re-work.

Count on us to:

  • Perform due diligence of configuration management, which is critical to licensing, improves success factor of field work and mitigates discovery
  • Perform walk down of approved scope to validate field conditions
  • Identify long-lead parts
  • Recommend procurement strategy
  • Estimate resources and installation hours
  • Identify risks
  • Recommend strategy for support group requirements (scaffolding, insulation, etc.)


Tablet based work-package preparation saves time and money, provides process continuity, and accurately identifies resource requirements.

This establishes a strong foundation for successful field execution by considering:

  • Pressure boundary requirements
  • EQ requirements
  • On-line wiring (OLW)
  • Valve packing set specifications
  • Mechanical joint specifications
  • Clearance requests
  • Relevant drawings/procedures
  • Recovery/contingency plans for as-found conditions

Accurate, resource leveled schedules are a cornerstone of any successful project. A well-developed baseline, combined with timely and accurate updating, allows for effective project management from inception through completion:

  • Effective use of PrimaveraTM P6 software
  • Easy integration into customer project plans
  • Accurate resource forecasts
  • Change Control Management
  • Key Performance Indicators meaningful to the customer
  • Outputs customized for effective communication
  • Post-work assessments to identify continuous improvements