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Steam Generator/Heat Exchanger Services

Steam Generator/Heat Exchanger Services

BWXT understands the degradation of steam generator and heat exchanger tubing, both mechanical and corrosion modes, which has resulted in extensive repairs and the replacements around the world. The variety of degradation modes challenges the integrity of tubing and, therefore, the stations’ reliability. Inspection and monitoring aimed at timely detection and characterization of the degradation is a key element for ensuring tube integrity.

Probe Technology

BWXT uses a variety of probes for the detection, configuration and sizing of indications found in steam generator and heat exchanger tubing. We incorporate the bobbin probe, primarily for volumetric indications such as pitting and fretting, and the X-probe which is a T/R (transmit/receive) array probe used for detection of axial or circumferential indications, along with volumetric indications. There are three types of X-Probes typically deployed for characterization and detection, including a highly specialized tight radius
X-probe for traversing low row tubes with tight bends.


BWXT uses the latest technology available to locate, evaluate and size indications in steam generator and heat exchanger tubing.We employ highly skilled primary and secondary production and resolution analysts. The analysis software uses multiple options for display modes, process channels and multi frequency mixes to determine parameters such as amplitude, phase, location, type of indication, etc.