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Nuclear Services

Nuclear Services

BWXT has a proven track record of providing maintenance, field service, inspection and plant refurbishment, assisting our customers in meeting their challenging business needs.

A world leader in nuclear services, we and strive to ensure that all of our projects are aligned with our customers’ goals to increase safety, improve plant productivity and availability as well as to extend plant equipment life. We have extensive experience in managing projects involving the primary and secondary systems of nuclear plants and the reactors themselves.

BWXT is committed to working in concert with our customers from project inception to completion, ensuring that our services are executed in an optimum manner and exceed expectations. As a peer group leader, we have the relationships necessary to bring together the competencies from across the industry to address large and complex field service projects.

Each project requires unique solutions and thus our BWXT is a multi-disciplinary unit with custom engineering capabilities, industry leading quality control, innovative research and development and superior field service personnel.