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Laboratory Services

Laboratory Services

BWXT’s capabilities include an experienced staff of engineers, chemists, program managers, health physicists and technicians, as well as complete and established quality assurance programs that meet all industry requirements.

Our laboratories, located in Lynchburg, VA, are structured to successfully complete critical projects such as failure investigations and sample analysis on a rapid turnaround basis.

Laboratory support includes:

  • Failure analysis laboratory
  • Hot cell facility
  • Hot machine shop
  • Nondestructive evaluation and inspection systems
  • Radioisotope and analytical chemistry laboratory
  • Scanning electron microscopy laboratory
  • Strategic materials laboratory


In 1956, BWXT designed and built the first privately licensed commercial nuclear experiment laboratory in the world. In the same year, BWXT began operations at the Lynchburg Research Center, the first privately financed nuclear facility in the United States. Since the 1960s, BWXT has designed and manufactured heavy nuclear components for the commercial nuclear power industry. And while other nuclear businesses lost their manufacturing proficiency with the decline in the commercial nuclear industry, BWXT continued to develop its nuclear strength by providing products and services for government customers.

Today, BWXT continues to manufacture heavy components and provide innovative nuclear services to its customers around the world.

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