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BWXT mPower

BWXT mPower, Inc. is leading the nuclear industry in the development, licensing and deployment of small modular reactors.

The BWXT mPower™ reactor, with its scalable, modular design, has the capacity to provide output in increments of 180 MWe for a four-year operating cycle without refueling, and is designed to produce clean, near-zero emission operations.

BWXT mPower reactor features include:

  •     Integral nuclear system design
  •     Passive safety systems
  •     Underground containment
  •     Four-year operating cycle between refueling
  •     Scalable, modular design is flexible for local needs
  •     Multi-unit (1 to 10+) plant
  •     Less than five percent enriched fuel is industry standard
  •     North American shop-manufactured