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BWXT Canada Ltd.


As a supplier of over 305 CANDU and PWR steam generators worldwide, as well as other major plant components, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop innovative solutions for all areas of plant operations from the nuclear reactor itself to conventional systems, replacement reactor vessel closure heads, pressurizers, primary piping, critical heat exchangers, spent fuel storage, replacement reactor pressure vessel heads, and steam generators. 

Our services can be provided in a variety of ways: through staff augmentation, for specific scope projects, or on a turnkey basis. 

When commercially available systems are not adequate to meet current challenges for the nuclear industry, we develop the services, techniques and equipment needed to address or correct the problem. 


At BWXT Canada, we are committed to excellence not just in the final product or service, but in all processes including:


  •     Nuclear Steam Generators (O.E.M. and Replacement)
  •     Nuclear Heat Exchangers
  •     Pressure Vessels
  •     Reactor Vessel Closure Heads
  •     Reactor Vessels
  •     Spent Fuel Containers
  •     CANDU Fuel and Fuel Bundles


  •     Steam Generator Diagnostics, Maintenance and Repair
  •     Steam Generator Cleaning and Sludge Lancing
  •     Steam Generator Modifications
  •     Reactor Services
  •     NDE Testing
  •     Valve Services
  •     Engineered Products and Services
  •     Plant Modifications, Upgrades and Repairs 
  •     Fuel Handling Services


  •     Applied Mechanics
  •     Fluid Mechanics/Heat Transfer Processes
  •     Metallurgy/Materials Engineering
  •     Welding/Robotics Engineering
  •     Integrated CAD/CAM Computer Systems
  •     R&D Programs focused on product improvement


  •     Precision Machining
  •     Manual, Automatic and Robotic Welding Processes
  •     Non-Destructive Examination (RT, UT, MT/PT, Eddy Current)
  •     Stress Relieving
  •     Rigorous Quality Systems
  •     ASME Certificates of Authorization (Code Stamps) for Design
  •     Heavy Lift Cranes